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Access detailed error reports for all jobs

University of South Australia Library would be interested in accessing various error reports for the jobs that we run at the time when we run the jobs.
We are aware we can check Import errors as per "Resolving Import Issues" but for other type of jobs we cannot check error reports.
As an example, running a filtering job on a set provides us with a report including a brief information on the number of records that "failed" as in this message:
"Of the 67201 records processed, 4 records failed. For more information view the report details (or contact Support using the process ID)." I attached a file with full details of this report.
We would very much appreciate having access the all error reports for the jobs that we run at the time when we run them, without having to create an incident case asking Support for error reports each time when we have problem records.
We believe that allowing us to check the problem records before creating an incident report would save time for everyone, as we could fix certain problems without creating incidents.
Thank you for your consideration,
Daniela Nastasie

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  • Alexandra commented  · 

    This would be very welcome, it would indeed save time to both customers and Ex Libris in a lot of situations. It is very frustrating sometimes to be working on something and have to stop due to the need to open an incident with Ex Libris when in effect, the log reports often contain information meaningful enough to help solve an issue there and then (my recent example: there were duplicate accounts for the same user resulting from our recent data migration, which prevented job report emails to get through and the exported file to be saved to the local folder since Alma didn't know which user account to use; it was a simple enough solution once this information was known that could have been dealt with straight away).

  • Jane Daniels commented  · 

    I don't have any votes left but wholeheartedly support this!

    Jane Daniels

  • François Renaville commented  · 

    This would indeed safe time and make things clearer for customers. Thanks for submitting this idea.

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