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Collaborative Collections Retention Item Designators

Collaborative collecting agreements are becoming increasingly critical for libraries in managing collections and access across institutions. Formal agreements require libraries to commit to hold specific items. Currently, there is no way to mark this in records unless in free text notes, and no system checks in place for items to prevent accidental weeding of items that libraries have committed to retain. This idea outlines system functionality to ensure that libraries can safely manage committed collections.

• Two new fields in Alma Items: a Committed to Retain check box and a Retention note free text field (minimum of 200 characters)

• A system check that does not allow withdraw (delete) of items in batch, via api, or via the user interface for items with the Committed to Retain toggle set to yes, but instead presents an error noting that the item is Committed to Retain.

• Ability to update these fields manually through the user interface, update in batch via inventory batch job, and update via the item API

• Addition of the Committed to Retain value and Retention note to analytics to allow for collection analysis

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Laura Morse shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Jane Daniels commented  · 

    I'm out of votes as well but want to add my support for this idea.

    Jane Daniels

  • Amie Pifer commented  · 

    Central MIchigan University Libraries is part of the Mi-SPI Michigan statewide print initiative. Yes, we are absolutely interested in this. I am, however, out of votes! This would be very helpful in managing items in the collection.

    Great idea!

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