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Improvements to request form when article is not available electronic or in print

If an end-user has found an article in Primo, but the library does not have access electronically and the library has the print journal, but not the correct item/issue the end user gets a very slim request form and the request in Alma does not have enough information to fulfill the request.

If the library does not have the print "mother"-item then the user would get the resourche sharing request form. This form is much more user friendly than the other forms.

If the end-user is out of luck the library has the journal in print, but not the correct item/issue. The user gets a request form and needs to type in the metadata in order to identify which article she wants. This is not intuitive as the end-user has found the correct article and expects the system to understand that.

The problem is that the end -user are on the article level, while the system/request form are on the journal level. If the end-user does not enter any information the request seems fine from the perspective of the end-user, but in Alma there is not enough information to fulfill the request. The librarian has to contact the end-user and ask which article they wanted. Tahat is not very efficient and it does not look professional.

We would like that the end-user gets a similar form like the Resource sharing request form, or that all of the data is sent to Alma when the user clicks on the request-button. That would be a better user experience and it will be possible to fulfill the request in Alma.

The scenario is shown in this video:

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Asbjørn Risan shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Clara Lunndal commented  · 

    This should be implemented to improve the user experience

  • Liv Ellingsen commented  · 

    This would improve the user experience and save time for the librarians.

  • Anne Woje commented  · 

    Supported! We have experienced this a lot of times, and it's very frustrating.

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