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Ex Libris should provide the option to place a call and/or online chat with their support team

We are disappointed with the technical support service provided by Ex Libris. We strongly believe that Ex Libris should provide customers with more effective, prompt and interactive service.

There should be an option to call or chat online in real time with a support person who has a sound understanding of the product in question. This would be in line with all system vendors we have previously dealt with.

We appreciate that there will be some issues that are designated as bugs or enhancements and will require more in depth investigation. However, a direct call/chat option with a properly trained support analyst would quickly and efficiently separate these issues from more general product queries. We are aware that there are many call-logging options used widely by other companies, such as FastCall, TenFold and RingDNA, which can be used to allow customer calls/chats to be registered directly in Salesforce. We believe that Ex Libris should implement this improvement as soon as possible.

Please vote to show your support for this idea and feel free to add comments relating to your experience of this issue.

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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    540 votes supporting this idea - and still no response from Ex Libris. I'd love to hear how they are planning to improve customer service and technical support. It's clearly an issue felt by many.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    They are moving to AI/Chatbot. Great value for the end user.

  • Heng Kai Leong commented  · 

    I think the main concern is to have a TRAINED personnel, be it on the phone or virtually. There is no point having someone on the phone who mirrors the less-than-desirable experience that we are currently getting via Salesforce <You know what i mean if you had been thru' Salesforce>. Since Ex-libris would not invest on providing adequate training for staff behind the computers, how would it be possible to do so for a larger pool of people required on the telephone? The company is now relying on DARA to save the day. I bet a DARA chatbot is on their road map.

  • Matthew Beals commented  · 

    Does the systems help determine what book stacks ( physical location ) get most usage traffic ?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Great idea. It would also be very useful to have a dedicated customer account manager or single point of contact who has a more clear understanding of our localised needs.

  • Sue commented  · 

    Faster response times would be very much appreciated. Sales Force cases move far too slowly and are often misunderstood and/or lost in translation. Perhaps ExLibris need more staff dedicated to supporting their customers? A direct chat or call option in real time is a great idea - all the other vendors I have worked with have provided this service.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Ex Libris Salesforce cases are the slowest technical support we use for cases to be meaningfully answered and resolved out of all the other companies we regularly deal with. Very good idea, as long as this doesn't slow down other cases being answered.

  • Nicky Campbell commented  · 

    Great idea for those really quick questions which take a moment to answer, but you have to wait a week for the call to be addressed.

  • John Costello commented  · 

    A great idea, as mentioned in some of the comments below, some questions just need a quick answer but you can be waiting over a week for a response.

  • Gaspar Olmedo commented  · 

    I fully agree but please take in consideration language issues, non english speaking libraries must have somebody to talk to using their own language.

  • Davinder Singh commented  · 

    Great idea. That will really helpful in getting quick answers to some simple questions and getting some urgent support.

  • Peter Jansen commented  · 

    Excellent idea. At present simple questions requiring simple answers can take an inordinately long time.

  • Jonathon commented  · 

    I think this is a great idea. Any communication improvement is welcomed.

  • Rosie commented  · 

    So many basic queries could be addressed and resolved on the spot with a phone call or live chat with an experienced support person! The current model is both time consuming and frustrating. I think the suggested idea would eliminate a majority of the back and forth and misinterpretation that often seems to happen within Sales Force.

  • Helen Jones commented  · 

    Very much support this idea. I have always had an account manager with the two ILS vendors I'm experienced with, plus subscriptions in general. It is a much more efficient model.

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