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More flexibility needed for display of locations

Our users complain that it is difficult to find the locations of items and that too many clicks are needed to find out if an item is available.
This is the most problematic in the Locations display for journals (and monographs with the item description field filled in).

More specificly, issues are:
- The shelf number is not indicated clearly enough
- Users search for items in the library that are not on shelf because they don’t click through to the single holdings display to check the availability (in the "journal display") or because the availability indication like e.g. (1 copy, 0 available, 0 requests) is easily overlooked ("monograph display"). A colour indication would be more clear.

- In the new UI, the holdings list is not always very clear. Shelf numbers are sometimes splitted, which is confusing.

Because the locations are currently displayed in an Iframe, it not possible for us to make the desired changes in order to display a more usable locations overview.

Our enhancement request is therefore a configuration option that allows the locations information to be delivered in XML or JSON so that we can adapt the display to our needs.
Alternatively (if this is not possible), we think the changes documented in attachment might help.
However we are open to other suggestions to solve the issues mentioned above.
See documentation with examples in attachment.

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      • AdminAsaf Kline (Director, Product Management, Ex Libris) commented  · 

        The November 2017 Release includes changes to the GetIt css.

        The following classes were added to the Get It holding/items list, allowing you to customize them separately:

      • Naomi commented  · 

        Very important, Is it planned to one of the coming releases?

      • AdminMoshe Shechter (Alma Product Manager, Ex Libris) commented  · 


        Indeed, the idea of adding flexibility to the configurability of the display of locations aligns well with our general plans with regard to the GetIt tab. We will:

        -) Better highlight the call number in the holdings list and single holdings display, to show on a separate line.

        -) Improve the flexibility for the css configuration of the library, location and call number information

        -) Improve the Holdings level availability for serials, so that serials holdings will have an indication of available\not available\check holdings displayed at the holdings level.

      • Sveinbjörg Sveinsdóttir commented  · 

        Whereas the Consoritum of Icelandic Libraries agrees very much that much more flexibility is needed for displaying of locations, our needs are somewhat different than described in this idea. The reason being that we are operating a consoritum primo site/view for around 300 libraries and not individual library sites.

        We see a change very much for the worse in the new Primo UI. The location search capability / display is insufficient for us due to the numbers of libraries that can hold the same title. We badly miss the filtering option that we have in the older versions of Primo.

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