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Alma to support Hold Information in SIP2 checkin reponse

We have a sort assistant (RFID equipment) that displays the next step/destination of an item on screen. It also generates a hold slip (with the hold patron name if there's a request for that item) or a transit slip (if it needs to be sent to another library).
However the hold information is not provided in the SIP2 checkin response which means having to scan in the item again in Alma to get this information.

Could the following SIP2 extension fields be added to resolve this issue:
CY - Hold Patron Id
DA - Hold Patron Name

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Caroline Serrano shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Diane Green commented  · 

    Agree - a very helpful idea. Would add efficiency to workflow.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This is a major area of functionality across 7 library sites and very important to our operations.

  • Antonia Mocatta commented  · 

    This is an excellent idea and would save a great deal of manual processing time. The RFID sort assistants we use have the capability to print transit and hold slips, but due to Alma not sending hold information in its SIP 2 communication (DA and CY fields), we are not able to make use of the hold slip printing functionality. This is needlessly adding hundreds of hours per year in labor costs, which could otherwise be saved.

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