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Copy and paste multiple MARC fields into the metadata editor

We would like to be able to copy multiple lines from MARC records and paste them into the metadata editor so that multiple MARC fields are pasted into the record in one action. This would help us enormously with our workflow of importing MARC authority records from LibrariesAustralia into Alma.

For us, this is necessary because the LibrariesAustralia headings are not in the community zone and are unlikely to ever be included there and Alma does not allow for Z39.50 import of authority headings.

We have this functionality of copying and pasting multiple fields in the LibrariesAustralia Cataloguing Client and other library systems allow it. At the moment we need to paste each line one by one into Alma and it is slow and repetitive. This process is a step backward from previous functionality.

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Lynne Billington shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Bjørge Vestli commented  · 

    This would be a great improvement for catalogers working with documents that have many contributors. For example this song book:

    The New Broadway Fake Book : 645 songs from 285 shows - ISBN: 9781495004285

    Our patrons often require sheet music for individual songs. If we are going to include song books in our catalogue we have to analyze them properly. The above example requires close to a thousand added entries in MARC. A list of contents is usually available online and converting it into added entries for example in Excel takes a minute or two. It's much better than typing every single entry manually and better than creating and importing a MARCXML file using an import profile. (Importing Excel or CSV files is also possible, but for some reason fields cannot be repeated using this method.)

  • Lynne Billington commented  · 

    Thanks Itai. While this would be fine if I was only to copy from Alma, I want to COPY multiple fields from systems such as the LibrariesAustralia Cataloguing Client or MARCEdit (or Notepad), which are plain text MARC editors, and then PASTE those multiple fields into Alma, which is not currently possible. They all end up in the one field with the tags inside the field.

  • AdminItai Veltzman (Product Manager, Ex Libris) commented  · 

    Today it is possible to copy multiple fields in the Alma Metadata Editor.
    All possible actions can be found in the online help:

    "Copy (Ctrl+C) Copies the selected text - To copy multiple fields simultaneously, press Ctrl and select all the fields to be copied."

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