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Short Term Loans - Courtesy and Overdue Notices

The new short_loan_courtesy_reminder & short_loan_overdue_reminder cannot be configured for multiple locations. For institutions with several hourly loan locations (for example Boston College maintains 2 and 3 hour loan periods for Course Reserves and a 4 hour loan period for some technology items) this dictates that the reminder notice has to be set based on the location with the shortest loan period. The overdue notice must be timed to make sense for for the longest loan period.

In our test configuration we used the following time parameters:

​short_loan_courtesy_reminder - 105 minutes
short_loan_overdue_reminder - 241 minutes

However, this creates a situation whereby patrons borrowing from some locations will have already incurred an overdue charge before the overdue notice is sent.

In order for this functionality to provide the service is designed for, it must be robust enough to support different loan periods.

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Paul Bridden shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • AdminMoshe Shechter (Alma Senior Product Manager, Ex Libris) commented  · 


    What if the parameter would enable configuring the courtesy and overdue reminder as percentage of the loan period instead of exact minutes, as it is today ? For example, a value of 50% would cause a two hour loan to have s reminder be sent 1 hour before due time, and a 4 hour loan would be reminded 2 hours before due time ? Would that be helpful ?


  • DaVonne-Rochelle Armstrong commented  · 

    Hi...was there ever any progress with this enhancement? I'm assuming it was not chosen, but has anyone from ExL followed up with either of you?

    We need this same functionality at Penn. We need to be able to charge hourly fees for short loans varying in time. Thanks

  • Jennie Simning commented  · 

    I would also like to see this functionality. At our library we checkout study rooms to students for 2 hours and textbooks to students for 4 hours.

    We don't want to send overdue notices for study rooms (since sometimes students finish with the room and they don't get officially checked back in until after the loan period has expired). But we DO want to send overdue notices for overdue textbooks since we have fines associated with those.

    It would be really nice if Alma had the functionality to differentiate between these different types of short term loans.

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