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Suggestions for Normalization Rules (NR) functions


Please see the attached file.
We would appreciate it if the suggested Normalization Rules functions would be developed in Alma.


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Hanoch Roniger shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Hanoch Roniger commented  · 

    The site did not allow us to post the suggestions directly, only via attachment.

    This is a list of the requested functions (the file also contains explanations & examples)

    1. Position sensitive functions
    2. Popup function
    3. Identify & remove duplicate fields
    4. Position sensitive removeSubField function
    5. Functionality for Booleans in if conditions
    6. Let the changeField also control indicators
    7. Add the possibility to delete specific repeatable subfields based on contents
    8. Possibility to check "when" conditionals after manipulation of the fields
    9. Possibility to add several subfields with one function
    10. Add functionality to copyField based on position
    11. Add functionality to copyControlField based on position
    12. Add the possibility to check if contents are the same
    13. Check string length
    14. Let functions run on several fields
    15. Add mathematical functions / variables
    16. Function for merging all subfields to a single subfield
    17. Use metadata from within the NR
    (See also:
    18. Possibility to exchange data between holdings and bibliographical records
    19. Add possibility to add/remove characters based on hex/Unicode to bypass problems with problematic characters
    20. Add "View versions" to NR

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