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A borrowing library should be notified when a lending request is put on a waiting list

A library receives a resource sharing request (lending request), and the borrowing library asks to be put on waiting list if the wanted item is on loan. When the request is put on waiting list, the borrowing library should be automatically notified. This could for intance be by change of status on the Borrowing request to "In queue".

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Anita Ellerås shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Cathrine Fjeldstad commented  · 

    If we add a checkbox for "waiting list is ok" on the RS request, the "will supply" status (or better yet "# on waiting list") could be set automatically when request is put on waiting list. This functionality could also autoreject requests when there is no available holding, with message of no available holding of course). Request would then continue on the Rota automatically.

  • Anita Ellerås commented  · 

    Hi Moshe,

    Yes, we are aware of the ‘Will Supply’ action, but this will have to be done manually. For institutions that handles a large amount of resource sharing requests every day (such as the National library), it will be too tedious to manually change status.

    We would like the status to change automatically when the request is put on a waiting list.

    Kind regards

  • AdminMoshe Shechter (Alma Senior Product Manager, Ex Libris) commented  · 


    Are you familiar with the 'Will Supply' action?

    If you enable this option on the Borrowing workflow profile, then the lender can send this message to the borrower, notifying the borrower that the item will be supplied later. The request status on the borrower side will be affected.


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