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Ex Libris should allow customers to call or have an online chat with their support team

We are disappointed with the technical support service provided by Ex Libris. We strongly believe that Ex Libris should provide customers with more effective, prompt and interactive service.

There should be an option to call or chat online in real time with a support person who has a sound understanding of the product in question. This would be in line with all system vendors we have previously dealt with.

We appreciate that there will be some issues that are designated as bugs or enhancements and will require more in depth investigation. However, a direct call/chat option with a properly trained support analyst would quickly and efficiently separate these issues from more general product queries. We are aware that there are many call-logging options used widely by other companies, such as FastCall, TenFold and RingDNA, which can be used to allow customer calls/chats to be registered directly in Salesforce. We believe that Ex Libris should implement this improvement as soon as possible.

Please vote to show your support for this idea and feel free to add comments relating to your experience of this issue.

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  • Cathy Cox commented  · 

    I suggest that everyone go over to the Alma idea exchange and vote this up on that side; currently they have many more votes over there in favor of it, and I think that while it will be useful for Primo(and I did vote for it) it has a better chance of being implemented first in Alma.

  • Sue commented  · 

    Faster response times would be very much appreciated. Sales Force cases move far too slowly. Perhaps ExLibris need more staff dedicated to supporting their customers? A direct chat or call option in real time is a great idea - all the other vendors I have worked with have provided this service.

  • Rosie commented  · 

    Great idea. Turnaround for cases in Sales Force can be incredibly slow and often issues are misunderstood / lost in translation. If experienced support people from ExLibris were available to chat to and solve issues / answer queries in real time it would be extremely helpful.

  • Tim Graves commented  · 

    A chatbox would certainly be non-negotiable on any retail website.

    We have used one in the Library for a few years, and it has been a good customer service win. It certainly takes staff time to cover it, but what price customer loyalty?

  • Helen Jones commented  · 

    same comment as for ALMA posting.

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