How can we improve Primo?

Improve Primo RTA status for items that are in transit, on order, in processing, missing, etc.

Right now if an item is not available, then the item says "Checked out..." even if the item isn't actually checked out. In Alma, the status is under "Process type" and we want this more detailed "Process type" to be displayed to our users instead of just "Checked out.." for everything that isn't available. This is really confusing if the item is missing or being processed by our technical staff. We need to be able to tell users more detail. We have had several users request our library order a book and then when the book is being processed it says "Checked out" in Primo and then the user sees that it is checked out and gets upset that someone checked it out before them...since they are the ones that asked us to get it. But really it isn't checked out so what Primo is telling users is wrong. I know we can change the wording to something like "Unavailable" but that may indicate that the item may never be available and we really do want items that are actually checked out to say "Checked out".

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April Crockett shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    "This enhancement will be added to the Primo VE roadmap, utilizing Alma and the Higher Education Platform."
    Does that mean it will be developed ONLY for Primo VE, but not for local/consortial Primo installations?

  • Laura Akerman commented  · 

    This need has come up over and over the years of Primo availability, in NERS and on the Primo list, and every time Ex Libris has ended up not done anything. I realize the way the function works is baked into Primo architecturally and it's complex. I have faith that Ex Libris can do it if they commit to it. So I'm going to plunk down a vote yet again.

  • Amira Aaron commented  · 

    Can Ex Libris update the status on this? It's extremely confusing to users. Thank you.

  • Christian commented  · 

    Hmm, this idea is "under review" since July 2017 ...

  • Chip Stewart commented  · 

    High priority--what's an online catalog without specific availability info?

  • Ian Hey commented  · 

    Yes please implement this as soon as poss, it causes so much confussion

  • Polly Thistlethwaite commented  · 

    This improvement in item status listings is very important. Please attend to it soon!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This is so important. Hoping they'll be some action on it soon!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Please add/improve these important item statuses - we need to be able to have more nuanced language in PRIMO

  • Monica Berger commented  · 

    Please add/improve these important item statuses to PRIMO.

  • Stephen Francoeur commented  · 

    This item now has the 2nd most votes of any in the Primo category. C'mon, Ex Libris, we really need this!

  • Kathleen Goldfarb commented  · 

    I had a few votes left. It is important for the patron, and for us, to know where a book is, not just that it is not available, in order to help students know if/when it may become available.

  • Kate Seago commented  · 

    I also have run out of votes, but definitely would like on order not to appear as checked out particularly for the reasons cited above.

  • Jane Daniels commented  · 

    I don't have any votes left but would heartily support this improvement for all the reasons that April cites.

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