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New UI: Set automatically the cursor in the search box


A feature that many users would like to see in the Primo new UI is to have the cursor already in the search box when they open the page. The user would be able to type directly their query and not have to click first in the search box. In the Primo classic UI, the cursor was already in the search box.

The SF case 00508525 was about the same issue.

Thank you.

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Floriane Pochon Levit shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
under review  ·  AdminNili Natan (Product Manager, Ex Libris) responded  · 

Thank you for posting this suggestions. We are checking if this is the right behavior in terms of accessibility. (How will the user be familiar with the main menu options if the focus is on search box ? )


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  • Lauren McFall commented  · 

    @Nili Natan, I think that even people who use accessibility features are predominantly using Primo for searching. Time and again, user testing shows that if there's a search box, that's what people use.

  • m schwendener commented  · 

    From the Primo mailinglist
    "Additionally, ExLibris has agreed to develop enhancement #6341 “Set automatically the cursor in the search box”, after verifying that it does not adversely affect accessibility requirements."

  • Christian commented  · 

    For the desktop vision of Primo it may be nice to have the cursor in the search box (but personally, I find that unnecessary). However, in case of an iPad or other mobile devices, it is pretty annoying when the focus is automatically on the search box (when starting Primo or when the results list is loaded) because then the overlay keyboard is active and must be switched off, if not needed.
    Therefore, if Ex Libris decides to implement this "feature", please turn it of for mobile devices (or provide us a backend switch to use or not use it).

  • m schwendener commented  · 

    [for those who can vote in NERS: 6341]

  • Sylvain Machefert commented  · 

    +39 votes since my last comment, anybody from E-L willing to tell us if this easy change that would help our users is planned?

  • Andrew Brown commented  · 

    Please do this - it's an obvious user experience issue on landing in the new Primo UI.

  • Sylvain Machefert commented  · 

    109 votes in less than 3 months, compared to the time it would take to develop it on E-L's side I believe it would be a good choice to work on this case, or at least acknowledge it.

  • Andy MacKinnon commented  · 

    this feels like it should be a quick fix to apply with immediate value, please implement!

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