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My Library Card - Personal Details ability to Disable Edit option

Currently patrons can access the area

My Library Card/Personal Details

Where there is an option to edit their details (address, phone number etc).

As our borrower details all come from corporate systems we would like to disable the edit function as, for example, students changing/updating any details such as their address should occur via the student record system not in Primo as a standalone action which will lead to confusion.
In the old UI there was at least a tip on the edit page:
"Changes to e-mail address and text message number will be reflected in Primo only."

It would make more sense to be able to disable the edit function completely, ideally with the option to add a user message or tip of the correct procedure/channels to update their details.

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Toby Hopper shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Toby Hopper commented  · 

    I agree with Michael Voss that this should include the ability to differentiate between "internal" and "external" patrons when allowing access to update personal information.

  • Rebecca Krentz commented  · 

    We support this idea. Also, the option for users to decide whether AND which information letters they will get should be disabled or at least it should be possible to differenciate/activate this option per user group.

    Rebecca Krentz (HTW Dresden)

  • Michael Voss commented  · 


    this idea is good, but it should possible to differintite between ALMA-internal patrons, Alma-internal patrons with external authentication and ALMA-internal patrons.

    Best Regards

    Michael Voss (HU Berlin).

  • Ulrike Joosten-Wilke commented  · 

    If possible: considering the user group! That would do it for us.

  • Robert Porth commented  · 

    Good Idea. We have external user groups that should be able to change the address via Primo as we want to contact them only at the address (email and postal) they have registered at the university campus IT system (we syncronize Alma with their database via SIS update).

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