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My Library Card - Display Renew icon for all loans (New UI)

There is no Renew icon for the loans that can't be renewed in Primo now.It made library patrons puzzled when they can't renew some loans, Because they can't find the Renew Icon.It would be very useful to display the Renew icon for all loans.When the loans can't be renewed,the icon can be another one and the patrons would be prompted for the reason.

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LiFeng shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
planned  ·  AdminNili Natan (Product Manager, Ex Libris) responded  · 

Thank you for this suggestion, we intend to display indication that loan is “Not Renewable” and for Alma customers also to display the reason for that to the end user.


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  • Veronika Leitner commented  · 

    It's great that this idea now has "planned" status, but what's the implementation timeline?

  • Yu jing commented  · 

    The icon is very necessary.

  • guo j commented  · 

    Please consider this advice

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    In Primo, when the renewal is not possible from My library-loans, it don’t show the exact reason, the message should be much more explicit and understandable.

    At the moment we have put a message in the header including all possible reasons to give the user some clue. “May be that in any of the materials loaned, RENEWALS ARE NOT ALLOWEDdue to the user in sanctioned, has any book overdue, maximum renewal date is reached or another user has a request.”

    This message also appears when we consult the historical loans and in that case it should not appear.

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