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Add Jump to Last & Specific Page Options to Primo Search Results Paging Bar

Our users are asking for the option to jump to the last page of the search results in Primo. They would also like to get to a specific page number in the Primo search results paging bar by typing the number in there. First and last page options are basic functionalities of pagers and users expect those.

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Radmila Ballada shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Stacey van Groll commented  · 

    The biggest use case for me for improving the pagination functionality is simply speeding up navigation through a list of results in the UI.
    As Blake has noted, we're currently limited to jumping 2 pages at a time in either direction at most.
    If you're reviewing a list sorted by Date-newest, and you want to skip through some content quickly, it would improve the user experience to offer the ability to click on the Page circle in the widget and, instead of the current X, have a text field where you can type a page number such as 10, to immediately go to Page 10.
    The X is irrelevant anyway given the display closes itself if you click anywhere else on the screen.
    At the moment, if you're on Page 1, you have 1st click on the circle, 2nd click on Page 5, 3rd click on the circle, 4th click on Page 7, 5th click on the circle, 6th click on Page 9, 7th click on the circle, and finally 8th click on Page 10.
    And, yes, you could also use the Date Range filter, but until you start doing a quick review of the results, you might not have a sense yet of what sort of date range you're looking at with the results of your search query. Our stats show that most users only use a couple of filters per session as well, and there should be other options (such as a good and useful pagination widget), over many facet selections.
    Improving the pagination widget to offer better page jumping functions would also help the performance of page loading in general. If users ignore the widget and click many times instead on Load More Results, by the time you get to page 10 or so, the speed of navigation and jerkiness of display starts to be obvious, because Primo is displaying so many results on screen at once and it simply can't handle it well.
    This is a prime benefit of using the pagination widget instead, as it loads the one page of content and starts the user off again at that point, which Primo clearly can handle better.
    I have noted that many of our staff don't even know that there is an option to click on the Page Number circle by the way, and are missing even the existing jumping options, so better indicative design there would be a good thing also.

  • Blake Galbreath commented  · 

    One use case might be that a patron has a long list of results that they can't check all in one go. So, they look at results 1-100 today, 101-200 tomorrow, 201-300 the next day, etc. No one wants to scroll through every page, or use the awkward skip-2-pages-at-a-time method that Primo currently offers, to get farther into the results list.

    Also, you can sort by Relevance, but not Non-Relevance, Author AtoZ, but not Author ZtoA, Title AtoZ, but not Title ZtoA. There are times when a patron would want to start at the end of a list and work their way to the beginning.

    Another way to look at this: this functionality already exists in Alma, and it is super helpful!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes, please! It's one of the biggests issues users have with Primo.

  • Kitty Mackey commented  · 

    This is a very, very basic feature! Please add it!

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