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Add 'date last updated' to database details

In the Data Management section of Serials Solutions, it would be useful if the database details screen displayed when the metadata was last updated for each database. This could be accomplished by having a 'date last updated' field in the database details screen.

This would be helpful for finding out how current the database's included titles, URLs, etc. are in the knowledgebase.

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Lauren van Rassel shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Kayoko U commented  · 

    We have been waiting eagerly for this function. We are struggling to confirm when and why the subscribed titles are removed or dropped on KB. These trouble may affect the contracts.

  • Samuel Cassady commented  · 

    It would be excellent if this enhancement could be prioritized. Thanks in advance!

  • Emily Tufts commented  · 

    This would be extremely useful! Hopefully something SerSol adds in the near future!

  • Kat McGrath commented  · 

    Agreed, this would be invaluable. I understand it is already a feature in SFX.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Absolutely, this would be a very useful feature!

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Agreed! Seems like a no brainer!

  • Peter Hosking commented  · 

    This would be very useful. Recently one of our publishers told me that they had sent an updated KBART file to third parties (such as Serials Solutions) but there is no way of knowing if the new file has replaced the old one.

  • Amy Peker commented  · 

    This would be very helpful!

  • Beth Juhl commented  · 

    We were wishing for this information just last week,

  • Sara Pimental commented  · 

    I had been told this date existed by Serials Solutions and searched and searched to no avail. Seems like such a simple thing and would really be something useful.

  • Mandi Schwarz commented  · 

    As title lists change and publishers switch to HTTPS, knowing how current a title list is would be very valuable information to help me manage and troubleshoot our access.

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