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Separate the Audiovisual facet for Primo Central Index (PCI) into video and audio

Users doing targeted searches incorporating facets to find specific types of resources on specific topics want to be able to do just that - target. Our users tell us that their searches are made more difficult by having to sift through a long list of irrelevant format results, including Video when they just want Audio, and Audio when they want only Video. This is even more frustrating for users when they can see by the display type that the list could so easily have been made shorter.

Remote PCI resources under the Resource Type of facets:rsrctype of media and Prefilter of facets:prefilter of audio_video already have granularity of data in the PNX to separate these into video and audio by display:type, display:rsrctype, display:recordtype, and addata:ristype of video or sound.

This data should be used to separate the current combined resource type and prefilter facet into separate entities.

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Stacey van Groll shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Stacey van Groll commented  · 

    Do you mention granularity beyond what I've already detailed in the original submission, Jane, such as the existing different rsrctype data?
    I do a monthly PCI trend analysis of our activated collections. In my last one, for audio we have around 300,000 default and 532,000 expanded PCI results and for video we have around 755,000 default and 2.4 million expanded PCI results.
    Or do you mean the granularity to the level suggested by Leahkim? I wouldn't favour expanding out the core PCI Resource Types facet to such an extent, given that specifying physical format is inherently not relevant for strictly online PCI resources.
    To meet that goal specifically, Leakhim, Primo Back Office sites can adjust Primo normalization rules to do this for local resources held in those physical types, creating a new local facet group completely or blending into the existing PCI Resource Types, although the latter does have the issue of duplication. I would wonder if the local work required would be worth the outcome for users though with increasing format obsolescence and as local collections are updated.
    In terms of this specific submission, I believe the existing data available in PCI audiovisual resources to split them into audio and video is sufficient to meet the desired goal, in a hopefully simple and quick implementation for Ex Libris.
    Cheers, Stacey van Groll, University of Queensland

  • Jane Daniels commented  · 

    I don't have any votes left but support this idea.

    I do wonder if the functionality is missing because the records contributed to PCI wouldn't be compiled to a standard that makes it possible for the system to distinguish between these different types of resources? I'm not casting aspersions here just asking a question. Has anyone dome an analysis?


  • Leahkim Gannett commented  · 

    This is a critical feature for institutions with strong performing arts collections.

    By lumping two very different format types with very different purposes and uses, the PCI is hampering discoverability and access of these materials.


    In Primo's current monolithic AV format configuration, anyone searching for video recordings of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet must also wade through numerous audio recordings of opera performances, ballet music, and film soundtracks. The "audiovisual" results of such a search could easily retrieve hundreds of items - with no way to further sort or filter the results the Primo tool becomes a barrier to discovery for these resources.

    In some cases our users have resorted to third-party tools to facilitate discovery (wikipedia, videographies, etc) and then come back to Primo with specific metadata (director, performer, etc) to do "known item" searching and check for library holdings/access.

    While we're on the topic, if there is a way to create facets to separate the format types further (VHS vs DVD vs Streaming, Audiocassette vs CD, etc) I would implore the Primo Powers That Be to consider it!!!

    But I will champion separating Audio from Video formats in the PCI as an imperative upgrade to the product.

    This lack of granular facetability for Audiovisual materials communicates to users that print resources are privileged over audio and visual media.

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