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Less duplicate records in Primo Central Index results

Primo Central grouping is based on the existing FRBR workflow, including the grouping process at the database level (the way the Search engine handles grouping) and the Front End functionality. It is used to prevent duplicate records in the results list.

Unfortunately, many records are not added to FRBR groups because the system considers the metadata are not rich enough. With the increase of records provided by (Open Access) aggregators and repositories, the number of duplicate records will certainly not decrease.

Could Ex Libris improve the FRBR workflow for Primo Central records in order to reduce the number of duplicate results and consolidate the FRBR groups?

Examples of duplicate records:
Accuracy of prediction of gene content in large animal populations and its use for candidate gene detection and genetic evaluation
3 results (2 FRBR groups):
- TN_proquest195858157 and TN_faoagrisUS201300875183
- TN_crossref10.3168/jds.2007-0231, TN_scopus2-s2.0-42449094585, TN_sciversesciencedirect_elsevierS0022-0302(08)71293-1, TN_medline18349258
- TN_orbi2268/23076

Linguistic symbiosis between event loop actors and threads
2 results (1 FRBR group):
- TN_sciversesciencedirect_elsevierS1477-8424(08)00024-9
- TN_scopus2-s2.0-51649125887 and TN_crossref10.1016/

Efficient control of transient wave forms to prevent spreading depolarizations
2 results (1 FRBR group):
- TN_arxiv0705.3398
- TN_scopus2-s2.0-39649117125, TN_sciversesciencedirect_elsevierS0022-5193(07)00579-6, TN_crossref10.1016/j.jtbi.2007.11.019, TN_medline18177900

Le traitement de la modalité épistémique dans les traductions françaises de On the Origin of Species de Charles Darwin
3 results:
- TN_erudit1038687ar
- TN_scopus2-s2.0-85017546223
- TN_proquest1870219718

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François Renaville shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • François Renaville commented  · 

    Another example would be PhD thesis "Enforcing virtualized systems security" from author Hedi Benzina in 2012 that we find 3 times in our Primo FE because the thesis is available in three different activate PCI collections:
    - TN_abes_s2012DENS0085 ( Open Access)
    - TN_hal00846513 (HAL (Hyper Articles en Ligne))
    - TN_ndltdtel-00846513 (Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations)
    Obviously, FRBR process does not take author, title, year and type into account to create a FRBR group, what Normalization Rules can do with local records (Alma, Aleph...).

  • Camille Mazé commented  · 

    Dissertations and thesis coming from Primo Central aren't frbrized, it would be better to group the dissertations coming from PCI like it is already done for books and articles.

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