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bad link reporter

Bad Link Reporter

This tool would work while librarians are searching Primo. An addon tool for Primo that looks at results when the following condition exists: a link is clicked and user gets an error, (no full text available or other Primo error messages) there would be a popup or message asking “report this bad link?”. You click on the button, it goes away allowing librarian to continue their work but clicking the button reports the permalink, search details and bad link error message including eresource used. This option only occurs for library staff. Ordinary users would not see it.

The popup button reports these results to the local library IT Primo support for further investigation and correction. Librarian user type would have to be logged in and have a “reporter” check box in their profile that lets them see a pop up any time one of these conditions exist. This could be set by default for various levels of errors for all library staff or have an opt in or out choice. If librarian clicks Yes, report goes to local IT support. If librarian clicks No, a simple log is recorded when using eResource that was clicked on.

1. Instead of a popup, error is reported automatically behind the scenes. Local IT can turn feature off if they are overwhelmed and turn back on later as needed.

2. Librarian could request a “screen capture” that would document error after clicking on link. Then screen capture is automatically linked to the logged error.

3. Tool keeps track of eResource titles reported and if librarian has already reported this specific title, would tell them, you have already reported this error for this title.

4. Give troubleshooter a "quick link" to the problem portfolio in Alma to suppress a portfolio if you have a meta data mismatch or cataloging problem that resulted in bad link or bad result. This would give local library some control over these types of problems.

Helps librarians report bad link results
Informs local troubleshooter of the problem with accurate details.
Improves Primo search experience.
May result in fewer cases submitted to ExLibris or at least better documentation.

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