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Adding 'Issue' as a new resource type in Primo Central

Resource types used in Primo Central are limited to 23 (book, article, journal, image...) [See pdf "Primo Central Index Resource Types" in the Documentation Center].

For digitized journal issues, the type in use is 'journal'. Archive collections like HathiTrust may contain tens of thousands of digitized journal issues; institutional repositories may also contain complete issues… This is finally confusing for end-users for who see issues labelled as journals and for whom filtering by resource type has become useless.

Adding a 24th type 'Issue' for this material would be welcome! ‘Journal’ would thus only remain for real journal records.

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François Renaville shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • François Renaville commented  · 

    @ Corinna: The provided example is indeed meaningful and unsatisfactory, certainly source of confusion for the users! However, in the case of HathiTrust, I have got the impression that most of the time the journal title is followed by volume and year indications (like in;q1=cahiers%20de%20la%20documentation;a=srchls or;q1=journal%20of%20comparative%20literature;a=srchls). This is much clearer, although in contradiction with the traditional library cataloguing norms. I assume that in that same case, only records at the item level (with their handle) are harvested and integrated into PCI, and not records at the journal level. Since PCI currently includes 4 different HathiTrust collections (for US customers and non-US customers, records for material in the public domain, as well as material that is restricted due to copyright), I think it makes really sense to work at the item level. Beside the ‘Journal issue’ type, much more important for me is that Open Access HathiTrust collections only contain materials which customers and end-users may have access to… this is unfortunately not always the case (see #00175079)... :-(

  • Corinna Baksik commented  · 

    I think this is the wrong approach. We do not want individual journal issues in the index at all - they flood the user with noise. For example, the HathiTrust issues are simply lists of issues with no added value to the user:

  • Sara Decoster commented  · 

    I agree! It would be a lot easiers for patrons to understand to which kind of information they have access if "issue" could appear as a resource type.

  • Sharon Robinson commented  · 

    Yes, I also agree that journal issue is the right term. We deactivated Hathi Trust records because they swamped everything.

  • Knut Bøckman commented  · 

    I agree - and with Kathy that "Journal issue" is the right term.

  • Kathy Varjabedian commented  · 

    Good idea. I'd suggest naming the new resource type "Journal issue" for clarity.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Initially, Hathi Trust volume records absolutely swamped our search results. Changes in relevancy have been made in the meantime so that the problem is nowhere near as bad, but it seems that if ExLibris is able to implement this solution, it would be clearer than having a record for a specific volume labelled as a 'journal'.

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