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Smart login messages - Do not show login message in the ViewIt for Open Access material

If a user is not logged in they get the Login message on the ViewIt and GetIt tab, whether they need to login to access that resource or not.

For example, Open Access material.

We have had many instances of users complaining that they have to login to access OA material. In fact they do not need to login to access this material. The Primo login message is confusing and misleading the user to think that they do need to login.
See for example the following Open Access material in our Primo instance.

In this example the resource is available Open Access and anyone can access it without logging in.
But Primo continues to display the Login message in the View Online section of the full record.

To resolve this confusion can the login messages be made situation sensitive?
If a record has an Open Access indicator can the Login message on the ViewIt section of the full record be hidden.

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A Rowe shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Lukas Koster commented  · 

    Have you reported this as a bug? In my view this is a bug. Not an enhancement.

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