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  1. Esploro's | Customization of the Home page and Portal

    The CSS/JS load Idea was closed -
    and proposed to open the new Idea
    If there is specific functionality or customization option that we think we should add to Esploro, We have to open a dedicated idea for this idea and Ex Libris will be happy to evaluate it.

    Please Vote:
    We would like to receive the options in Esploro’s configuration pages to edit:

    Home page and Portal:
    Width of the page
    Font colors
    Background colors

    On the Portal
    Logo size
    Header height, background-color
    Font colors - part of them is not readable - following Accessibility rules. …

    37 votes
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  2. Add local notes field to researcher record

    It would be useful to be able to add free-text local notes to researcher records.

    We could add employment information if someone works outside of academia.

    We could add notes if a researcher dies.
    We could add additional information to help disambiguate authors with duplicate names working in similar fields or institutions.

    9 votes
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