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Please add videos to Summon.

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Molly Beisler shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
under review  ·  AdminRael Elstein (Product Manager, Ex Libris) responded  · 


As you may be aware via another request on the Idea Exchange, we have been unable to get in touch with the vendor.

If the community could reach out to facilitate communication, we would be more than willing to process this request and negotiate an agreement with
Until then, we cannot move forward here.

Thank you,


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  • Bianca commented  · 

    Hi Rael - I have emailed my contact from LinkedIn (who purchased; perhaps something will come from the communication? Here's to being hopeful

  • Christian Toledo commented  · 

    Hello Dana,

    Keeping track of the subject of updating contents of Abs Index to Architectural Periodicals, by Ebsco, will you have any news?

    Thank you very much.

  • Deborah Fitchett commented  · 

    Just to suggest anyone who wants this contact (if you haven't already) to add pressure to them to collaborate on this. It took me a while to get them to understand the huge value it would provide us, and some more time to explain that the fact that we've all got different urls is not a blocker; even then I couldn't tell how high they're prioritising it.

    If you need to go through your IT / other department, explaining that doing this would increase visability and therefore usage of Lynda videos will probably help.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    We would also like to see videos indexed in Summon

  • Alex Homanchuk commented  · is an invaluable resource to our students and we would love to see this indexed in Summon soon!

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