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Facets usage - request to view 'excludes' as well as 'includes'

A while back I was looking at our facet usage stats for 2017 to date, and I noticed that although we have Newspaper Articles excluded from searches by default, this facet has the highest amount of 'uses'. I asked Ex-Libris Support if this was because every search a user runs is, by default, including the exclusion of Newspapers as a facet use. I also asked if there was a way to get stats on the number of people who remove the exclusion of newspaper articles after running their first search.

For an example, this was our top-used facet at the time I was doing my search, but as we have Newspaper Articles excluded by default it doesn't seem likely that this is actually the facet most searchers click on to refine results by:

Newspaper Article
...Facets selected: 792,132
...Sessions: 286,444

The response I got from Ex-Libris Support was: "Unfortunately, the reporting does not show include vs exclude currently, so our product management team has put that in the queue for a future enhancement." They also recommended I add this as an idea here, to get more traction.

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Patricia Farnan shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Patricia Farnan commented  · 

    It's good to know that Google Analytics shows more accurate stats in terms of not having the Newspaper Facet as the top 'include' usage. It would be good if this was the case in the Summon stats interface too of course.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    This would be an excellent addition Scott Cohen

  • Trevor Hough commented  · 

    Information about facet use is available in Google Analytics, but it would be better to have this really useful feature within Summon Analytics

  • Lisa DiBarbora commented  · 

    I think this would be an excellent enhancement.

    Lisa (Humber College)

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