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Add a new parent field to group academic/processing departments

Please find attached high level design about the ability to create academic units which may group several academic and/or processing departments.
Please review the document and let us know if you have any remark. We would like to get your feedback if processing department is relevant here.

Many thanks,
Miriam, Leganto BA

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Miriam shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Miriam commented  · 


    1. I'm not sure if you are asking on the label or hierarchy?
    we are adding a new field - 'Organization Unit' (to address all kinds of terminologies).
    institution will be able to group one or more academic departments per organization.
    One academic department may be associated with one organization unit.

    2. Sure.
    3. I believe it would be possible via the course loader job.


  • Digital Library Initiatives, UNSW Library commented  · 

    Thanks Miriam,

    This enhancement can be very useful. Please see our comments/questions below:

    1. We plan to use the new Academic Unit field as "Faculty", and use the existing Academic Departments field as "School". Do you think this will work?

    2. Alma Course Loader should support the new Academic Unit field, so we can map Faculty and Schools from SiMS (Moodle) feed to Alma Course fields

    3. Once this new “Academic Unit” field is implemented, old/existing Courses in Alma and Leganto Analytics will have empty “Academic Units”. Can we bulk update these courses to assign Academic Units to them?

  • AN - UNSW commented  · 

    We see this as a great move forward as it will help with our Analytics reports when we want to know faculty details

  • Ann-Louise commented  · 

    Hi. We have done the same in Analytics as Bond University has. It may be useful i Alma, to filter by Academic Unit, I'm not sure if we need it for the end user in the Find List in Leganto. It certainly is useful in Analytics.

  • Peta Hopkins commented  · 

    Thanks Miriam. We currently have set up groupings in analytics so that we can report at faculty level to combine the various academic units.

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