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Google Analytics

Deploy Google Analytics with Tag Manager to CampusM Native Apps, Live and Dynamic Tiles.
- Improve Implementation Speed
- Flexibility
- Custom timelines
- Version Control
- built-in triggers

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Jonian Demiri shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Jonian Demiri commented  · 

    It's been almost three months without any updates on this topic. Matt can you please share the timelines for the review process ?

  • Sam commented  · 

    Also need to know number of times notifications were read

  • Daniel Scott commented  · 

    Good idea Jonian. This would be beneficial to the University as it would help to guide future developments and improvements.

  • Jonian Demiri commented  · 

    Hi Matt,

    Can you please provide an update from the team regarding the timelines that you are looking regarding this ?

  • Deepak Kancherla commented  · 

    It would be really helpful to track the events and clicks for each tile within campusM using Google tag manager.

  • Amir Rana commented  · 

    This would be very useful for us!

  • Matt Terrington commented  · 

    Very excited about this. GTM would be really helpful so we could get analytics data in one place (Google Analytics) that we can then re-use with the same GA services we already work with. It would also allow us to deploy other monitoring and measurement tools more quickly.

  • Jonian Demiri commented  · 

    Benefits of custom defined analytics:
    -Custom variables to track characteristics of users, sessions and particular pages/tiles students interact with
    -Event tracking to capture actions users take within tiles
    Other Metrics: Visits/Sessions, Average visit duration, Bounce rate, % new visits
    Recency and Frequency, Entrances, Exit rate, Average time on page

  • Tony Wai commented  · 

    As Macquarie is a library-only implementation of CampusM, besides having google Analytic tags, It will be great if the CampusM Analytic data can be more integrated with Alma Analytic to give us more granular data.

  • Helen Jones commented  · 

    we are not using analytics fully yet, but anything to do with analytics is very useful

  • Megan commented  · 

    Great idea - we need to be able to provide evidence of how users interact with campusM

  • Will Dorsey commented  · 

    This is key for any appropriate analytics on usuage and data analysis

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