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Ability to upload a spreadsheet into AppManager to set alert population

In App Manager Alert Group subscriptions page

You can currently select people individually or as a whole ALL group.
It would be much more practical to be able to upload a spreadsheet of email addresses to add to the group.

We often have campaigns or targeted groups that may contain up to 10,000 subscriptions but this is not ALL of the group and searching through the list for 10,000 specific emails is not practical.

Could you amend this method to allow upload of files which would solve a big problem for us.


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Claire Carpenter shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

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  • Gareth Ward commented  · 

    This would greatly improve the service! The underlying technology is there already, instead of using a selecting box to click on the individual emails, adding in the ability to copy and paste a list in and use that to select the people who should receive the alerts would be far more useful.

    Uploading a spreadsheet would also be great, but might be more complex when compared to simply replacing or adding an extra selection method (e.g. text entry box rather than the current selection box).

    Both methods would solve some problems we're having and could be a great 'quick win' for the product.

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