1. Allow API clients to include/exclude fields in the response data

  2. Ability to dedup or FRBR between local data and CDI data

  3. "Save query" for zero results

  4. Show the terms added to the patron's query by the linguistic features (i.e. stemming, synonyms etc.)

  5. Usage statistics Missing Data page should use different symbols  ·  Completed

  6. Include Attachments Tab Data in XML Output of Invoice Export  ·  Planned

  7. Do responsive the Refworks site

  8. Add Data Type category for the Title Report in COUNTER 5 section of analytics  ·  Under Review

  9. data-driven article recommendations  ·  Under Review

  10. API query to retrieve only those user accounts where active fines/fees exist  ·  Already Supported

  11. Partial Summon data loads should be ingested into the index within one to two days

  12. Produce a Publishing Profile for BrowZine  ·  Completed

  13. Create a Tableau Web Data Connector for Alma Analytics  ·  Completed

  14. Create a Tableau Web Data Connector for Primo Analytics

  15. Enable embedding fund balance graphs and data on Alma Home Screen

  16. Utilize data from multiple fields (LDR and fixed fields 006,007,008) in Primo VE resource type configuration  ·  Completed

  17. Add Authority records data to Analytics  ·  Planned

  18. Send the same enriched query (stemming, synonyms, etc) to both local index and Primo Central PC index ( important for blended search )

  19. Include Content-Select Data in PCI / CDI  ·  Under Review

  20. Retain Data in Interface Records

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