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Enable Leganto users to "Unlike" citations

Once a Leganto user has liked a citation, they are not able to change their mind and "unlike" it.

Across social media the pattern is that “likes” can be removed – and this is what our students/instructors would expect.

• In training, or in class when demonstrating the feature, and then wanting to reverse it
• Accidentally clicking the Like
• Liking a citation, and then realising it was a different one that you wanted to like
• Liking a citation and then changing your mind

Consideration should be given to whether liking/unliking is locked once a list is "inactive". Perhaps this could be configurable by institution.

Some institutions may wish to turn off "Liking" altogether.

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Peta Hopkins shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Gustav Bolin commented  · 

    We support this idea, and especially the part about being able to turn off likes altogether

    Gustav Bolin
    VID Specialized University
    Oslo, Norway

  • Ann-Louise commented  · 

    We strongly support this idea. Sadly I'm out of votes at the moment.

    Ann-Louise Skjager
    Oslo Metropolitan University

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