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  1. Populate the partner_code XML field in Resource Sharing Shipping and Return slips with Alma library code

    Situation: We are using a 3rd party logistical company to deliver the Rapido requests from Swiss libraries around Switzerland. After the shipping or return slips are printed in Alma, libraries are filling in the logistical details in the 3rd party system by picking the destination library from a list of libraries. We have around 500 libraries in our network and sometimes the names are similar. This leads to mistakes.

    Currently, the value in the XML field notificationdata/partnercode is always filled in with the name of the library and not its code.

    Idea: We would like the XML field…

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    Hello Dominik,

    Thank you for this idea. I am updating the status to already supported. From your description, I am understanding a need for a free text field that can be manually edited  and then be included in the letters: Resource Sharing Shipping Slip and Resource Sharing Return Slip. 

    This field exists as the alternate symbol field. This is a free text field on the partner record that can be edited. It can also be added to the code of the identified letters.

    See that this field was added in the November 2023 release: 

    See this documentation that provides code needed to add to the letters:

    Best Regards,

    Meghann Weldon

  2. Add borrowing library to Change Rapido Request Terms Letter

    Use case: When a rapido request can’t be fulfilled by library A and is rejected > Rota starts. If there is a change in costs, time, and so on the patron receives the Change Rapido Request Terms Letter e-mail. Theoretically, they are then allowed to cancel the request in Primo. If they are too late (which will probably be the case) they have to contact the library.

    Problem: There is no contact detail of the borrowing library attached to the request in the letter XML, only the name of the IZ-level entity. Patrons do not have enough information in the…

    17 votes

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    Upon review, I am updating the status to already supported. I am understanding the need to be that the borrowing library's contact information be included in the letter that is delivered to local users. The letters can be customized to include a library's contact information. 

    I am linking a few resources, there is a lot of content about letter customization.

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