1. Distinguish between author and editor in Summon results and citations  ·  planned

  2. Allow configuration of which columns are in the the Print Slip Report

  3. Chicago 17th Author-Date style  ·  declined

  4. Improve Close Lost Loans Job

  5. Change Physical Item Job should ignore default MARC holdings template when changing location

  6. Make 245 $p, $n, $s, $k, $f, $g part of "Title" criteria in Analytics &/or make them available as separate criteria  ·  completed

  7. Allow Instructors to make students collaborators on specific reading lists  ·  under review

  8. Better control over processing order in import profiles

  9. Allow for the updating of license terms using scripts or spreadsheets.

  10. new interface for faculty

  11. Display 6XX fields with $v form subdivisions intact

  12. Assessed Fines Letter - Ability to Send a Letter Notifying Users That Fines Have Been Assessed

  13. Include the parameters used in the Job Report

  14. change to Rosetta METS XSD re: duplicate file IDs

  15. Add more times to scheduled weekly bibliographic import jobs

  16. Allow links from Alma Reading list course information to the Courses part (where role-appropriate) to ease checking/modifying course detail  ·  Already Supported

  17. PO Line and invoice attachments: Upload/View/Edit/Delete - additional user roles needed

  18. Hold Shelf policy for RS items

  19. Configuring different sender e-mail addresses (SMPT-envelope-from) for one letter-type

  20. Include storage location ID field in pick from shelf API's for display in Alma Mobile

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