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Pop up to associate a duplicated with original course or updated course for a different academic year

A newly duplicated reading list remains attached to the same course as the original from which the duplicated reading list was made. We would expect that when a list has been duplicated a prompt box is generated which gives the user the option to associate the reading list with the original course or re-associate it with an updated course for a different academic year.

User story

As an academic I would like to duplicate the current year's reading list which is attached to a course for 2016/17 and create a reading list for 2017/18. Within this list duplication process I would then like to have the option to change the course to 2017/18 at the same time. A prompt box at the point of reading list duplication giving me the option to re-associate the duplicated list to an alternative course would ensure that I associate my reading list with the correct virtual learning environment for that academic year.

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Andrew Butterworth shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • AdminMiriam (Admin, Ex Libris) commented  · 


    You may use the rollover functionality instead if you wish to manage the course.
    If you still want to use the duplicate functionality with ability to modify the course, we would like to get some use cases/scenarios in order for us to take them into account in our solution.

    Miriam, Leganto BA

  • Eirik Endal commented  · 

    We support this idea, as long as "Not associate with original course" is default.

  • Gina Simmonds commented  · 

    It would be great if a duplicated list is not automatically associated. If an academic does not remember to re-associate at the time of duplication they may be blocked from reassociating later if there are any approved for copyright items in the list.

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