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  1. Allow Google Analytics in Primo VE

    We would like to add GA to our new Primo VE instance, but received this message from support:
    "I have checked with our support team and also with documentation this is not possible. There is currently no supported way to embed Google Analytics code in Primo VE."

    We would really like to see this functionality added. We have a Primo search box on our homepage, and most users do search directly from our homepage. Without GA in Primo, our homepage shows a very high bounce rate and we're unable to determine if that's because users are actually leaving or if…

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    We'd like to clarify that Google Analytics can be embedded into Primo VE using the customization package.  We have seen examples from customers implementing it and posting on GitHub how this can be achieve.  

    we had another idea  in the past which also refers to that and since Primo / Primo VE using same customization capabilities , it is supported. 

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