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Ex Libris Idea Exchange Guidelines

Keep these tips in mind when submitting an idea:

     Start by searching your product forum for the feature that you’d like to suggest. A search will help you avoid wasting time on writing up an idea that has already been submitted.


     Write a clear title. Make your title and description as specific as possible so that other users and the Ex Libris team will understand them easily.


     Limit each submission to one idea. Don’t worry—you can submit multiple ideas. One idea per submission makes subsequent communications easier to follow.


     Phrase your idea as a user story. Try to write your idea in this form: “As a <role>, I would like <proposed feature> so that <feature’s benefit>.

     Role: Who (what type of user) is the feature for?

     Proposed feature: What does the user want to accomplish?

     Feature’s benefit: How will the feature help users? What value will users derive from the feature?


     If possible, assign a category to your idea. Select the category from the list provided on the site. By assigning a category to your idea, you help other users and the Ex Libris team find your idea when they search the product forum.


     Remember that you must give at least one point to an idea that you submit.


For road-map commitments, use NERS.

The IGeLU and ELUNA enhancement voting process (“NERS”) is the only channel for “road-map commitment,” in accordance with the Product Development Collaboration Agreement signed by Ex Libris, IGeLU, and ELUNA.

The purpose of the Ex Libris Idea Exchange website is to facilitate communication between the user community and the Ex Libris product management team, to help the team set development priorities.

Popular ideas suggested on the Idea Exchange site can influence the Ex Libris road map but do not have the force of a road-map commitment. To help drive road-map commitments for functionality that you or others propose, please participate in the IGeLU and ELUNA enhancement request process (NERS).

Do not use the Idea Exchange site for support.

The Ex Libris support team does not monitor the Idea Exchange website. If you require support, please use the official support channels such as Salesforce.


Help maintain a supportive environment.

Thank you for contributing to this community. Please be considerate of other forum participants, and do not criticize their ideas or comments. We encourage healthy dialog and a courteous exchange of ideas between Ex Libris users. Keep it positive. Keep it constructive.


Don’t spam.

Forums are not the place to promote other sites or services. Avoid engaging in fraudulent behavior.


Avoid copyright infringement, and protect your own intellectual property.

Please do not submit any copyrighted materials. Do not submit innovative or patentable ideas, samples, or demos for which you do not want to grant a license to Ex Libris. See the Terms of Use for more information.

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