1. Option to create additional links for records from external data sources in Primo VE

  2. Provide a seamless, timely and automatic workflow for ingesting Jisc KB+ data into the Alma Community Zone.  ·  Completed

  3. Add open for edit option to patron query types emails

  4. Include the item barcode as part of the data published from Alma to Primo in the AVA field to improve item search in Primo

  5. Put useful data into the RSS feeds created by Primo

  6. Electronic portfolios in an electronic collection/packages should inherit data displays from the collection's service  ·  Completed

  7. Enable link from Invoice line to live Purchase Order Line so that data can be updated

  8. Include access information as part of the data that are published from Alma to Primo for Alma-D records  ·  Completed

  9. Add Patron Proxy data to Analytics  ·  Completed

  10. Show cached data while updating in the background

  11. Add a true "exact" search to Advanced search type

  12. Add User Note Creation Date and Creator as query-able fields in Anayltics

  13. make permissions on changing address data more granular (email/domestic)

  14. Copy POL data to new POL with different order line type

  15. Download COUNTER data as tabular data in addition to JSON

  16. Add option (permitted) text data mining clause to license terms of use

  17. the option to copy references to other projects

  18. Add a SUSHI account column in the usage statistics missing data page

  19. Authority creation - Populate 670 Source Data Found from open bib

  20. Query to patron letter: add the publication date for Document delivery requests

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