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We welcome your ideas for new content (metadata) to add to the Knowledge Bases (KBs - Alma CZ, SFX, 360) and Discovery services (CDI - Central Discovery Index whose data supports Primo and Summon).

How to increase your idea's visibility and get more votes:
  1. Check if your idea has already been posted and vote for it before posting a new idea.
  2. Choose the right category: "New Provider" for content from a provider that has no available content in the KBs or CDI, or "Existing Provider" for content from a provider that already has content available in the KBs or CDI.
  3. Add a direct link to the provider/resource you suggest, and a contact person if possible.
  4. For enrichment requests add the relevant collection ID(s). 
  5. Make sure you mention any specific added value your idea has to the community such as language or supporting diversity.
  6. Did you find errors in an existing collection? please open a case.
  7. A new year has begun but no corresponding annual collection? post an idea in Idea Exchange, make sure to mention if it is an existing provider.

The categories for new content ideas are:
  1. Existing Provider - if your idea is for a new collection from a provider that already has content available in the KBs and CDI or enriching records for an existing collection, use this category. No voting is necessary, ideas for existing providers will be handled regardless of voting.
  2. New Providers - if your idea is for content from a provider that does not have any content available in the KBs and CDI, choose this category.
  3. Other - for non provider specific ideas

If you want to add an institutional repository, please open a case and follow the documentation here:

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