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Produce a Publishing Profile for BrowZine

The idea is to create a specific publishing profile for sending data to BrowZine on a scheduled basis. The presently used data format (Google Scholar XML with Sources) could be better served as a CSV file for numerous reasons. Additionally, the Publishing Profile should be able to accommodate the scenario of a library's holdings being made up of a combination of NZ and IZ holdings.
Please contact for full technical guidelines for the best and most reliable data exporting configuration. Thank you!

Over time we have come to understand a number of limitations in the approach suggested here ( and while this effort may still be valuable for other services OTHER than BrowZine, we highly recommend a specific publishing profile in order to provide a simple-to-setup and accurate data export.

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John Seguin shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • AdminDana Moshkovits (Director of Product Management, Ex Libris) commented  · 

    The new integration which will have a dedicated publishing profile for BrowZine, requires development on BrowZine end, According to John Seguin from BrowZine the development will be completed by 2019 H1.

    In the mean time I recommend integrating with BrowZine according to the instructions mentioned in

  • Helen Garner commented  · 

    It would be great to get this enhancement and make this task into a fully automated process.
    Sheffield Hallam University

  • Peta Hopkins commented  · 

    I would support this too, but have run out of votes.

  • Peta Hopkins commented  · 

    I would like to add votes. But I have run out.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Any update on this? It's been under review for over a year. We would love this feature.

  • Andrew Brown commented  · 

    Is there any news on this please? I think it must be quite high up the list now.

  • Anne Woje commented  · 

    Nord University support this idea to enhance our workflows.

  • Julie Neenan commented  · 

    I agree with the comments made by others. Automating this would be beneficial - at the minute we rely on a alert in a shared calendar to remember to do this for BrowZine.

  • Pauline Smith commented  · 

    I wish Ex Libris could have a feature where we can schedule export jobs for different vendors. I created a Python script to run the job via API, however, the files will go to the institution folder instead of the private folder. I do not know how that would affect anything. And then, I have to do window scheduling to run the script, which I have not done before. It is too much work and requires too much programming knowledge. It would be perfect if Alma has a scheduling export job feature for us to select different schedules.

  • Wayne Morris commented  · 

    University of South Wales support this idea to enhance our workflows.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Second this idea as an enhancement for efficient workflow.

  • Sharon Robinson commented  · 

    We are thinking about Browzine at the moment so it would be great if the processes could be scheduled.

  • Sue Dentinger commented  · 

    The job to output to Browzine was easy enough to create although it would be nice if it were automated. The real problem is that you can't schedule it to run on a regular basis causing unnecessary manual work and having to put it in your calendar to do. There are enough Browzine and RapidILL sites out there that it would be great to have these as standing jobs you could enable on a schedule you set. Thanks for considering it. Sue Dentinger, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison.

  • John Seguin commented  · 

    John from Third Iron here! Thanks for posting this enhancement request Thomas. Indeed, all of our mutual BrowZine/Alma customers would benefit from this enhancement as ALMA is the only system available that does not provide automatic data feeds to BrowZine on a routine basis. We will direct or other mutual customers to this enhancement request for them to upvote/comment as well. The only thing I would add to this request, for the sake of simplicity of users it to consider making one of the options in step 1 shown here: be clearly labeled as a "Setup Automatic Export to BrowZine" for new users rather than having them have to check all the boxes correctly as outlined in the above Ex Libris Developer Blog. While not required of course for this to work, this would certainly make for the best possible user experience!

  • Sue Dentinger commented  · 

    Thanks Asaf. There are at least two institutions at the Univ of Wisconsin consortium who would be interested in this as well.

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